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The Historical city of Prague

Prague is a magical holiday destination reminding travellers of the renaissance period. A wonderful mixture of cobbled streets, bridges framed with beautiful wrought iron fences, cathedrals with gold-tipped towers and majestic buildings looking down on flowered plazas are just a few things that entice thousands of tourists to visit this city.


Prague has a temperate oceanic climate characterised by cold winters with low rainfall, and hot summers with plenty of sunshine. Summer time can sometimes bring violent storms.

Things to do and see

Several operators organise city tours, giving tourists the opportunity to discover the history and culture of this city. While in Prague, holidaymakers can attend festivals such as Prague Spring and Prague Folklore Days, or opt for a river cruise that offers surprising combinations of delicious dinners and great shows.

Travellers have many options in Prague, including sightseeing flights, water sports and relaxing spa treatments at Lakshmi Tantric Massage Temple. Prague also has a variety of restaurants serving traditional dishes centred on chicken and pork, along with delicious desserts and drinks.


Travellers can find a variety of lodging options, most of them being located within walking distance of the city centre. Since Prague is one of the most visited capital cities in Europe, accommodation prices can double during summer and winter holiday season. Besides regular accommodation alternatives, including holiday apartments, villas, hostels and hotels, Prague also has a splendid ‘botel’ (boat hotel) renowned for its gorgeous city views.


In general, a flight from London to Prague takes up to two hours. Public transportation is very reliable, taking tourists anywhere they want to go inside and outside the city.

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