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What to pack for your cruise holiday

If you fancy going on a Royal Caribbean cruise, here is some basic useful information for you to check out before you go on your amazing holiday.

You need to make sure you have packed everything you need for your fabulous cruise. Obviously, you will need to pack your sun tan lotion, your swimsuit and don’t forget your camera. Beyond those basics there are a few things you definitely don’t want to forget or you could find yourself making your way home before you even set foot on the cruise liner.

For your first day, you will need to have a small carry-on travel bag with all your travel documents. Also, it might be useful to pack a clean change of clothes, a swimsuit, any exercise clothes you may need and any medication that you may need to take. The reason for taking all these things in your carry-on is so you don’t have to wait until your main luggage arrives before you start enjoying all that the cruise ship has to offer.

For clothes, you will need a variety of different items to enjoy everything on the cruise. For example, for the ladies, you will need casual clothes to lounge in during the day, such as skirts, dresses, blouses, t-shirts, etc.

If you intend relaxing by the pool, pack a couple of swimsuits so you can have one to wear while the other is drying; flip-flops, sandals or trainers are perfect footwear for lounging by the pool. You may also want to pack a sarong or shorts for walking to and from the sundeck.

There may be some formal nights onboard your cruise ship, which will require cocktail dresses for women and suits and ties for the men.

Oasis of the Seas – Is it worth the extra expense?

It’s been a couple of weeks since the magnificent Oasis of The Seas was launched and there have been no end of tv reports and newspaper stories on its magnificence since. In fact, I can’t remember as much fuss being made for a new liner for a long time and the owners must be thrilled about the positive publicity.

Since I wrote my last post, the ship has arrived in Florida and is being prepared for its maiden voyage on the 1st of December. It continues to inspire incredulity with its sheer size and facilities; 16 decks, 2700 state rooms, a ‘Central Park, a chess garden, an aqua theatre, on-board scuba, restaurants, bars, pools…….But with prices starting at £1000 per person are these kind of cruise deals really that affordable for the majority of holidaymakers?

Well, I’d have to argue that a holiday on this kind of liner is a once in a lifetime experience and considering most of the holiday is inclusive in the cost of the ticket it could work out comparable (if not a little cheaper) than a fly-drive holiday. Yes, there will be a need to spend some money but if you take advantage of the free facilities on board it shouldn’t add up to that much and in the meantime you get to enjoy the fact you are travelling on a truly beautiful ship.

What to Expect on Royal Caribbean Cruises

The Caribbean is a region that is comprised of the Caribbean Sea, various islands and beautiful coasts. This place is considered one of the most popular destinations for cruises. This is not a surprise since the area is filled with amazing resorts, perfect beaches and breathtaking views.

One way to experience the adventure of the Caribbean is to use the prominent cruise ship line, Royal Caribbean Cruises. It is one of the most innovative brands in the cruising industry. Its ships are big, bright and spacious enough for private balconies and open spaces. They offer a wide array of activities and events.

Passengers of Royal Caribbean Cruises can:

Interact and snorkel with stingrays in the Grand Caymans
Go mountain biking in Costa Rica
Climb one of Jamaica’s popular tourist destinations – Dunn’s River Falls
Dive 800 feet below the ocean’s surface and discover coral reefs off various beaches
Experience one of Royal Caribbean’s private destinations – Labadee

Since the Caribbean is a big place there are three routes that Royal Caribbean Cruises’ ships take:

Western Caribbean Cruises – expect to be oriented with the history and culture of many islands. The highlight of this route is the floating Aqua Park in Labadee.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises – take pleasure in the white sand beaches and sparkling waters of the islands. Guests can go parasailing to make the cruise more memorable. Passengers who take this route can also see picturesque mountains.

Southern Caribbean Cruises – experience a different kind of journey on this route because of the caves that passengers will see and enter. The places that passengers may visit are known to be unique and exotic. They can also enjoy pristine Magens Beach in St. Thomas.

Baby’s Day Out on a Cruise

Parents who want their babies to enjoy the sweet life on deck need not worry anymore. Baby-friendly cruises are offered by some of the best lines in order to maximise family cruising.

One of the things that you should check is the minimum age required to sail. It differs from one cruise line to another so you have to pay extra attention to that. If your baby is at least six months old, they can sail on a Princess ship. On the other hand, Carnival requires that the baby should be at least four months old for them to go on a cruise. Disney, one of the best baby-friendly cruise lines, allows babies as young as 12 weeks to be on their deck. Some Cunard and Royal Caribbean cruises set the youngest age to sail at a year old. However, there are also some luxury lines that don’t allow babies to get on board at all.

Disney Cruise Line is one of the crowd favourites when it comes to cruising with babies on board. Their nurseries are Little Mermaid-themed (Flounder’s Reef Nursery) and are available for children between the ages of 12 weeks to 36 months. Assorted toys, infant swings, and arts and crafts for toddlers are just some of the amenities that they offer. They even go the extra mile when it comes to hygiene because before they make toys available to children, they clean and sterilise those that have been mouthed.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is also one of the terrific cruise lines when it comes to baby sailing. They have partnered with Fisher-Price to offer playgroups for children along with their parents. Six to 18 month old babies can play with musical instruments, learn about shapes and colours, and play with food-related activities, to name a few, while 18 to 36 month old babies can sing songs and play with Fisher-Price Little People.

Entertainment on Royal Caribbean Cruises

People take cruise holidays for various reasons. Some like the opportunity to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities that they live in. Some want to take the chance to view different parts of the world while others want to party all day while travelling by sea. Royal Caribbean Cruises provide a liberating, fun and a rejuvenating experience.

While travelling to different parts of the world, passengers can keep themselves entertained by watching and even participating in the shows that Royal Caribbean Cruises organise.

Here’s a rundown of the productions that the passengers may enjoy:

Broadway Shows – Popular Las Vegas and New York-based Broadway style and cabaret shows are often performed during a cruise.

Ice Skating Shows – Passengers will be impressed with the ice shows performed on the ship. Many professional skaters perform throughout the cruise. In the event that there are too many passengers interested in watching ice skating performances, tickets are generally made available on a first come first served basis.

Musical Productions – Contemporary and Las Vegas-inspired performances are presented on Royal Caribbean Cruises. The cruise ship takes pride in the fact that it has its own singers and dancers. Sometimes comedy acts precede the musical productions.

Be sure to enquire about the activities, shows and events from the cruise line in advance, so that you can decide which ones you will attend. Usually, each show will have a run throughout the cruise holiday, meaning there will be re-runs of your favourite productions.

Cruising in the Caribbean

What makes cruises great fun is choosing the best destination to visit. One of the great locations to consider is the Caribbean Islands. When it comes to best cruises, the Caribbean is an ideal place. Caribbean cruises provide a number of wonderful activities for the passengers on a variety of cruise lines.

The Southern Caribbean is one of the perfect places to visit. It contains islands located between Grenada and Martinique, where people can find volcanoes, pristine reefs, rainforests, and deserted beaches. Visitors can enjoy cruising on the Royal Clipper cruise line, which offers a sports platform for windsurfers, boat rides, wet landings, and other water activities. There are also several islands located in the Southern Caribbean, including Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao, which offer the ultimate snorkelling and diving experience. Shore excursions can also be enjoyed, which include snorkelling, scuba diving, mountain biking, horseback rides, four-wheel-drive and all terrain vehicle (ATV) exploration, kayaking, and hiking.

The Western Caribbean includes beautiful islands like Jamaica, Belize, Grand Cayman, Honduras, and Cozumel, as well as the Yucatan mainland. These places provide amazing diving in rich coral reefs, dolphin encounters, jungle trails, and tourist parks at Xel-Ha and Xcaret. The British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Antigua, St. Maarten/St. Martin, and St. Barth’s islands are located in the Eastern Caribbean. These offer outstanding snorkelling and diving, and other sailing opportunities including the popular shore excursion at St. Maarten, the Cup Regatta. Visitors can enjoy the small vessels that are offered by the SeaDream Yacht Club, which host a big set of water toys as well as jet skis.

Caribbean cruises provide people with the opportunity to enjoy the amazing experience of cruising. They are perfect for the whole family, and offer activities suitable for any age group.

Cruises Exclusively for Adults

Is there such a thing as adults-only cruises? Such cruises, which are intended only for adults, are best for young couples, retired couples, parents, and even singles. Although adults-only cruises are very uncommon nowadays, there are other things that can be done to experience an enjoyable cruise.

In order to experience a fun cruise exclusively for adults, careful planning is important. A perfect adult cruise is often thought of as visiting several destinations without worrying about the problems of packing suitcases, switching hotels, and looking for the best time to relax during the trip. People can enjoy the comfort of the adults-only cruises without thinking of any inconveniences that may exist.

Although there are no exclusive cruise ships for adults, people can still enjoy adults-only cruises if they adhere to some rules. Those with children who are looking for adult privacy can use several options for children on board, such as activities, game rooms, or kiddie-events. There are certain areas exclusively for adults on some ships, which include areas that are booked for adults only. An example of these is a private pool that is offered for adults only. Some cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Company, provide a separated pool area for their adult passengers. Other areas that can be used by adults include reservation restaurants, bars, and comedy shows during the late-night hours.

For those who really want to have adults-only cruises, they must carefully plan their trip using several possible options. For instance, selecting a luxury cruise instead of an ordinary cruise is a clever choice, since many families, particularly those who have children, do not go for the expensive cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean – more than just a cruise

Royal Caribbean is an American/Norwegian cruise company, headquartered in Miami, Florida. It is the second largest cruise operator, after Carnival Cruises. Royal Caribbean’s 21 world-class luxury liners visit 160 destinations. Their cruises are designed for people of all ages who want to experience a relaxing and memorable time at sea.

One of the highlights of the Royal Caribbean line is the wide variety of onboard activities for the whole family, as well as for the sports-minded. The ships have rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, mini golf, in-line skating rinks, fitness centres, golf simulators, full-size sports courts, and the famous FlowRider® for onboard surfers.

Kids up to teens can enjoy themselves at the Adventure Ocean® Youth Programme, a place where fun never stops. It includes art activities, sports tournaments, talent shows, karaoke, and night clubs (exclusive for teens only).

The cruise also caters appetites with a wide variety of mouth-watering foods from restaurants where passengers can dress either formally or casually as they prefer.

There is abundant night life on board with plenty of options to choose from, such as live bands, comedy, casinos, a piano bar, Latin-style cocktail bar, and even ice-skating shows – whatever fits the mood.

Aside from the fun on board, Royal Caribbean offers a range of fun and excitement on shore excursions. Passengers can sample the culture of a variety of destinations and also enjoy sunbathing on beaches, sea cave kayaking, parasailing, or white water rafting.