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Europe or long haul for your ski trip?

This is a question that has people debating long and hard, it is all about the snow conditions on the one hand and accessibility on the other. The long haul advocates will tell you that yes, it take longer to get to the resort, much longer in some cases, but the snow and conditions are far better than anything you get in Europe.

Canada has always been a favourite spot with the British. Take the resorts of Banff, Louise, Sunshine and Mount Norquay.  It is a great all round group of connected resorts for all levels of skier, it has a huge vertical drop for those who like a long run, and the snow is near perfect, described by locals as champagne powder! What about the States, some of the best facilities and snow can be found in places such as Aspen in Colorado, or Breckenridge where you might bump into a few celebs?

Well all very nice say the detractors, but they are all many hours away and to go for a week is really pretty much a non starter. Europe on the other hand has resorts scattered all over the Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites, all within a few hours door to door from here. The snow conditions can be variable, but you are sure to get at least most runs open, even in a bad period; also it is possible to get a snow report and take a quick long weekend, very popular now you can take a snow train from St Pancras and be in the resort overnight or the same day.

It’s an argument that has two sides to the coin and if you can spare two or more weeks holiday in the winter, long haul might be for you, but why not take two separate weeks in Europe at different resorts? There is no winner is there.

Picture: Nick Wadge

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