Tourism and travel may have a rather confusing difference, but they are similar in one thing: they both cater to people’s travel purposes and the duration of their stay in one place. They may differ on the scope and duration of the travel, but they have been working hand in hand by being one of the booming sectors of among the progressive countries. Even those who are working on to improve their economies had also given importance to this sector. It is not surprising to know that tourism + travel industry is one of the fastest growing compared to other sectors.

Working Together with the Industry

Here are the following sectors that paved the way to a greater tourism and travel tandem:

  1. Accommodation – since you will be staying overnight or longer, this sector is of top importance. Timeshare accommodation, Agri-tourism and farmhouse accommodation, cruises, bed and breakfast, camping, and hotels are among the varying options that a tourist can choose for his accommodation.
  2. Transportation – of course, without this sector traveling to and forth would not be possible. Under this sector, some modes or companies provide means to reach the best destination. This includes railway, coach services, water transport, car rental, and airline industry.
  3. Entertainment – after you reach your travel destination, you would also need entertainment. Tourists guide and tours, shopping, casino, and others are some of the categories under this sector. You can also check on tourist or travel information of the place you are visiting to know more.
  4. Food and Beverages – this is one of the sectors that is the heart of tourism + travel industry. Nightclubs, bars and cafés, catering, and restaurant are the top reason why travelers love to visit a specific place or country.
  5. Related industries – tourism organizations, online travel agencies, tour operators, travel agents, and financial services are among the related industries that also plays a big part in the growth of tourism and travel industry in a certain place.

Tourism + Travel industry will not become the fastest growing and significant sector in a country without its collaboration among various companies and sectors. Every country should focus on each of these sectors if they want to improve their tourism and travel industry.