Did you know that tourism + travel industry is accountable for the creation of about 10% of jobs worldwide? Yes, because of this growing industry, it had provided jobs for millions of workers around the world. And the significant part here is that this industry provides livelihoods even to those places where there is no other type of employment are present. That is how great this industry is.

Are you planning on taking a tourism and travel degree course?

Broadening the Career Prospects

Taking up a tourism + travel degree course may give others the impression of a broader and difficult scope to study and even in finding a job. Well, if you are planning or even currently taking up this course, no worries, there are plenty of job options that await you. As this industry is growing faster than in other industries, there is a greater chance to find a suitable career and earn better.

If you are seeking for a job where your degree will be useful, you apply for the following:

  • Education or Outdoor Activities Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Hotel Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Customer Service Manager

If you wanted to land a job that is related to the degree earned, here are the career options for you:

  • Travel agency manager
  • Tourist information center manager
  • Tourism officer
  • Tour manager
  • Holiday representative

Aside from these jobs, there are other career prospects from other sectors. You can find your dream job in accommodation, transportation, entertainment, food and beverages, and other related industries that have an inter-related connection to the tourism and travel industry. Each of these jobs requires skills such as a broader range of skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, and others.

Applying for a job can be quite challenging; that is why it is up to you on how you will pass this challenge. Remember that the tourism + travel industry needs hardworking people just like you.