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Embarrassing moments at the airport security check

We all have to go through the necessary airport security checks, but a survey carried out by the luggage delivery company SendMyBag has revealed that some passengers suffer embarrassing moment when asked to explain items in their bag.

The survey, which was carried out amongst UK travellers, listed a top ten of items that the owners of the bag, wish had not been revealed! A number of the things were perfectly normal every day medications, but the timing was not exactly perfect, one was the haemorrhoid cream was pulled out of his case in front of his new and younger partner; it was their first trip away for a romantic holiday. Then how about the large tub of personal lubricant a man was questioned about, the questioning was necessary because it contravened the airplane liquid allowance, nonetheless somewhat embarrassing.

Another item was one which you would not particularly want your parents to see when they went on holiday with you would you; it was a sex toy for personal use! Perhaps amongst the worst though was when a pharmacist was going away with a new partner when she was asked to explain what the cream was, it turned out to be an anti viral for genital herpes, a possibly shock for the pharmacist and it no doubt left the lady mortified too.

One that we think could have had a happy ending though was when the security scanner went off as a man was walking through, he had to produce a nice new engagement ring that he was going to surprise his girlfriend with, shame she had to find out his romantic intentions that way.

If you are happy to, we would welcome your comments, particularly if you care to reveal any embarrassing moments that you have had at airport security.

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