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Choosing Caribbean holidays

So, you’ve decided you want to go somewhere that has lots of sun, beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery?  One of the Caribbean islands is the natural choice for you.  The hardest task is to then decide which one to visit.  There are many luxury holidays available on the various different islands, but some may be more suitable for you than others.

Your personal tastes will help you make the right decision for your trip.  Luxury holidays in Barbados are perfect for people who want to visit an island that is bustling with life, activity and indulgence.  If you’d prefer a more authentic Caribbean experience, Trinidad and Tobago may suit you more.

Celebrities often choose Antigua holidays, and the glamorous accommodation available may just swing your decision.  Antigua has many draws for visitors – elegant beaches and stunning scenery being just two of them.   

In truth, you’re likely to enjoy your Caribbean island holiday regardless of which country you choose to visit.  This part of the world is so spectacularly beautiful that all locations are perfect for a luxury holiday.

Luxury holidays in the Cayman Islands

A luxury holiday from ITC in the Cayman Islands will give visitors the feeling that they have been transported to another world, far away from the stresses of their everyday lives. Cayman Islands holidays combine luxury accommodation, excellent facilities, the highest level of service and hospitality, with the chance to explore the natural beauty of this island paradise. The breathtaking scenery throughout the Cayman Islands also means that they are a wonderful choice for luxury tropical island weddings.

The Cayman Islands boast beautiful tropical surroundings with quiet sandy white and pink beaches overlooking sparkling clear waters that are teeming with life in their stunning natural coral reefs. A scuba diving trip off the coast of the Cayman Islands is the ideal way for visitors to discover the spectacular reefs and a wide variety of colourful tropical fish. Divers are also given the opportunity to swim with stingrays in their natural surroundings. On land, a trip to George Town will enable visitors to learn more about the history of the Islands’ capital city, while a visit to George Town’s Cayman Islands National Museum provides a deeper insight into the local culture and environment.  

Nature trails, such as the Mastic Trail, guide visitors through some of the wonderful natural Cayman Islands landscape and offer the chance to see rare bird species, while turtle and butterfly farms provide guests with the opportunity to see other wonderful animal species. After a day spent exploring the natural charm of the Cayman Islands, visitors are able to return to their exclusive resorts to relax in complete luxury with modern, high quality facilities and restaurants providing fine dining. Outside of the hotel, the Cayman Islands have a wide selection of restaurants offering fantastic local cuisine, complimented by the backdrop of fantastic island scenery.

Destinations around the World: Cruise Holidays

The brilliant thing about cruise holidays is that you can visit destinations around the world with ease; they are the hassle free way to see some of the greatest places in the world. Many people choose cruise holidays because of the choice, there are many different cruises offering itineraries around the globe; you never need to on the same cruise twice.

Online cruise companies such as Bonvoyage can help you to find the right cruise for you. They can search all the cruises offered by the different cruise companies, including Royal Caribbean, P&O, Cunard and Princess Cruises just to name a few. The hardest thing will be deciding where to go, because with a cruise holiday the world really is your oyster.

Popular cruises tend to be to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean and North America, but other regions are becoming increasingly popular as people look to travel further afield. Pacific cruises, Asian cruises and Baltic cruises offer travellers the chance to explore areas, they may not have considered before because of price constraints through flying.

And speaking of price, cruise holidays aren’t expensive either, that’s just a myth. Cruises are just as affordable as other types of holiday and in some cases cheaper or better value for money. It’s easy to find good deals for cruise holidays, checking online and comparing different rooms can save you £’s. Also you don’t have to factor in many extras such as travel, because, well that’s done for your courtesy of the captain.

There really is no excuse not to take a cruise holiday. You get to explore far off destinations around the world, experience different culture, travel with ease and have your needs taken care of on board.

Three reasons to see Kaohsiung

The harbour city of Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s most important city next to Taipei.  Located along the coast of Taiwan Strait, Kaohsiung is bustling with many tourist activities and attractions.  Here are three reasons why you should visit this exciting Asian destination:

One, come to see TianHou Temple, the oldest temple in the city.  Built in 1673, this architectural masterpiece is quite astounding.  It is the perfect attraction for anyone who is interested in history, culture, architecture, and religion, or anyone who knows how to appreciate beauty.  But many visitors come for another reason.  This ancient temple is located on the gorgeous island of Cijen and not far from the temple are the picturesque ChiHou Lighthouse and the ChiHou Fort.

Two, check out the wonders of Mother Nature on Monkey Mountain.  Although the star of the show is the resident Macaque monkeys, the mountain’s Shou Shan Zoo is home to thousands of different mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, and insects.  You should see the Formosan black bear, the leopards and wildcats, and many other unique forms of wildlife.

In addition to the animals, Monkey Mountain is also popular for its hills, trails and majestic limestone caves.  Spelunkers cannot get enough of the crystals, stalagmites and stalactites, and numerous other interesting rock formations.

Finally, if you are more into high-tech than nature or animals, come to see Kaohsiung’s Dome of Light.  It may just be a subway station but it is the largest, most colourful and most artistic train station in the world.  It is worth checking out even if you are not taking the train.

Destination Adventure

If you have an adventurous spirit and like to get your adrenaline pumping, then an adventurous holiday could be for you. Many activities can be performed at numerous destinations throughout the world, so your choice of holiday can either be destination led or activity led.


Kitesurfing could be described as a combination of surfing, wakeboarding and paragliding. For the beginner, there are plenty of courses available throughout the world. If you have a bit more experience, there are an abundance of hotels and lodges that cater specifically for ocean sports.

Walking holiday

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a rambler or just want an introduction to this enjoyable activity, then a walking holiday could be for you. Guided walks can range from a gentle hilltop stroll to a challenging craggy ascend; or from a cultural walking museum tour to a real ale pub crawl. Whatever your limits or flavour, there is a walking holiday out there for you.

Trans-Siberian Railway

This epic journey spans three huge nations, from Russia through Mongolia to China. Spend three weeks on board this train taking in the amazing sights that wait for you.

Starting out from St Petersburg you will make your way to Moscow, from there you will travel deep into the Siberian region with plenty of stops along the way until you reach Lake Baikal around a week later.

From here you will progress to Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, where you will learn about Mongolian history while soaking up the culture. Two or three days later your train will be stocked with supplies, and you will ready for the final part of the journey.

About ten days later you will arrive in the Chinese capital of Beijing; what you do from there is up to you.

Rio de Janeiro – Eat, Drink, Party, Relax

With Olympic fever sweeping Great Britain, it will no doubt inspire sport fans and travel enthusiasts to combine passions and head for Rio de Janeiro for 2016. However, for those wishing to explore Brazil’s most vibrant city, whilst avoiding the inflated prices and huge crowds, why wait until then? With Samba in the streets and smiles on their faces, the residents of Rio have created a borderline perfect existence, one they are happy to share.

Eat – Originating in Rio de Janeiro, and now the national food of Brazil, Feijoada is an intensely flavoured stew made with smoked meat, usually beef or pork, and black beans. All the ingredients are cooked together creating a thick and tasty stew, with herbs and spices capturing the taste and smell of Brazil.

Drink – Made from the Brazilian rum, Cachaca is a perfect example of simplicity. This Brazilian delight is made from just pouring Cachaca over crushed ice and adding a healthy amount of freshly squeezed lime. The Caipirinha is perfect for any occasion, from days at the beach to nights dancing to Samba.

Party – For those unable to make the best party in the world – the Rio carnival, don’t worry there are plenty of other party options all year round. One venue not to be missed is Casa da Matriz. This converted 18th century mansion is now a hip and trendy nightclub with a consistently great atmosphere where Brazilian music and cocktails can be enjoyed into the early hours.

Relax – Although there are many resorts and bars to take it easy in, the best place in Rio to lay back, sip a cocktail and enjoy the view is at the infamous Copacabana Beach. With plenty of beach bars and cafés, this 2.5km stretch of white sand looking out over the blue sea is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day.

Luxury Antigua holidays

With a total of 365 beaches, Antigua is the ideal destination for a luxury holiday and provides plenty of opportunity for relaxation. The slow pace of life in Antigua makes a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of home and allows visitors to escape from it all and savour every minute of their time on this beautiful island.

Many luxury resorts in Antigua are just a short walk from sun-kissed sandy beaches and clear waters that offer scuba divers the chance to explore spectacular coral reefs that lie just off the coast. A trip to Boggy Peak provides visitors with fantastic views across the island from its highest point.

Those looking to learn more about Antiguan history and culture might like to add excursions to sites such as the restored Horatio Nelson dockyard or the museums and Cathedral in St John’s. Hotels offering luxury Antigua holidays include those that occupy their own private island and offer fantastic facilities such as indulgent spas and gourmet food. Visitors looking to explore a variety of restaurants on their luxury holiday can also visit some of the island’s many fantastic independent eateries. 

Luxury holidays in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is quieter and, some say friendlier, than other tourist spots in the region.  The former fishing village is now one of the world’s luxury holiday destinations.  The region is full of islands to explore, and many hotels have their own private beaches.  Guests can indulge in snorkelling or a number of other water sports on these hotel beaches. Many people dream of spending their holidays on a secluded beach, away from crowds and noise.  Abu Dhabi holidays offer a host of islands off the coast with picturesque beaches where tourists can relax in peace.  For a family day on the beach, Khalidiya Beach or Al Lulu Island have all the facilities for swimming and boating. Sir Bani Yas Island is an hour’s flight from Abu Dhabi.  The island has its own wildlife park where animals live amongst the many planted trees.  There is also bird sanctuary that is part of an enormous investment in the environment originally begun by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the United Arab Emirates.

Southeast Asia luxury holidays

Holidays in Thailand offer adventures in tropical jungles, surfing, swimming and exploring remote villages as well as experiencing traditional culture and cuisine.  Often the South-East Asian experience is associated with travelling on a budget, but there are ample opportunities to experience a luxury holiday in Thailand.

One of the most obvious choices is the resort destination of Hua Hin, on the Gulf of Siam.  The town’s popularity arose because it was chosen as the summer residence of the Thai royal family.  These days, it is enjoyed by visitors from all walks of life.

There are several luxury hotels in Hua Hin, the majority of which have commanding views of the coast, and offer pools and other amenities for tourists who do not wish to venture too far from their hotel. 

Holidays to Malaysia give visitors from colder climates the chance to experience life in the tropics.  The local wildlife and scenery never fail to disappoint, and days spent relaxing on the beaches make lasting holiday memories. The Datai resort in Langkawi is the essence of luxury accommodation.  Visitors to The Datai can enjoy fine dining, golf and tennis in a rainforest setting.

The island of Gaya is home to resorts with bungalows on stilts.  Guests can enjoy living on a lagoon in accommodation built with the environment in mind.  There is a range of watersports available, but the real charm of these resorts is that guests can enjoy a swim just outside the front door of their bungalow.

The lure of Orchard Road Singapore

In the 1830s Orchard Road was home to a community of nutmeg growers whose trees shaded the road for travellers.  These days the only cultivation done in Orchard Road is of shoppers’ desire for the good things of life.  The interesting aspect of Orchard Road is that in spite of its many 21st-century shopping malls, it retains a distinctively Asian flavour.

One popular stop for tourists is Lucky Plaza which has a tremendous range of shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.  In the food court, visitors can choose to sample the inexpensive food that the locals eat, or stick with the more familiar fast food products.

Ngee Ann City is another famous shopping centre in Orchard Road.  Here, shoppers can choose expensive name brand products or the cheaper goods in the basement.  Anybody who wants to experience the true buzz of Asian daily life should set aside a couple of days of their itinerary to spend in Orchard Road, Singapore.  Despite the expensive shopping malls, there are hotels and hostels available to suit every budget.